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Blusisland Animset Viewer

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This is called Blueisland Animset Viewer, which allows you to conveniently view animations contained in Dynamic Sword Animset, which is set to be released on the UnrealEngine4 Marketplace.

Use our Dynamic Sword Animset and combine various motions together in creating the battle system to upgrade your project and make it more cool and impressive.

Incorporate Dynamic Sword Animset into the game you’re working on, and make it more dynamic and stylish.

This is an animation package created based on the UnrealEngine4 Humanoid Rig structure. Based on the basic movements of a character equipped with a sword and shield, it contains animations for a variety of different types of battle motions including attack, damage, roll, and dash. This animation package is designed to make your game more dynamic and stylish.

This animation package contains animations for a total of 156 different motions, which are classified into Inplace and RootMotion. In addition, it includes Blend Spaces, and Aim Offset.






Released on Apple App Store:D