Blueguy , ik_bone_gun simple question

i beginner i not understand what its the reason of this bone? someone can explain the concept or a link?

Check out the Content Examples (Animation Map) or theDocumentation.

I understand what its IK, i already made animations, and setup my main character for leap motion, but i not understand that specific bone, why exist ik_bone_gun, o i never do a character for holding a gun, i want known why i need that bone. My characters haven’t it i and not want in the future if i want my character hold a gun realize i need it.

i don’t known if i explain well.

If I understand your question, that bone is there to attach a socket for the character to hold a gun or any other number of weapons or various objects.

why not create a socket in the character hand and attach there?

i missed something, some concept about this topic, about holding guns/objets i think, :o

If you simply add a socket to carry a toolbox for instance the object being carried will be stationary. The gun ik handlers allow you to animate the weapon to rotate in the players hand if need be.

this is what i want known thanks.