Bluebrint 'Switch' function firing multiple execution pins.


When I compiled this BP I noticed that multiple pins of my switch were firing instead of just one. Anyone know what’s going on here?



That says that 2 was recently executed and 0 is being executed now. Not both at the same time.
Without seeing more of the blueprint I can’t tell you anymore than I already have.

Please use the blueprint section. thread moved.

What is calling this? How often is it being called? Like awilliams1701 said, it looks like one was recently executed, and both are not being executed simultaneously.

Thanks for the replies! Yeah, upon further examination it’s just a matter of multiple firings happening consecutively, not concurrently. I’m working on a procedural BP for generating and placing the wall meshes in my level and decided to go the BP route instead of doing the straight coding. I’d have been done a lot sooner if I had gone with the coding, but with UE4 I think it’s important to get used to using BP as it will (in the end) greatly speed up development times once I can alter my way of thinking.

Also, sorry for the misplacement of the post. Guess I thought I was there already.