Blue scene

So I’ve created an interior ArchViz office and used Quixel materials but the black painted walls come out with a blue hue? How do I get an accurate look of black paint on the walls. It also brightens up as I look in a direction and dims when I look away?


A screenshot would be helpful!
The brightening up part is going to be auto exposure which you can set under postprocessvolume!

It keeps saying image source URL is missing but I’m uploading from my iPhone. Is there any other way to get an image up to show you?

Trying to take a photo of the screen.

I’m trying again…

And 3D Max color it should be…

It looks like the a Skylight in your scene. Try turning up the shadow distance in your directional light.

Directional light being my sun? It’s the only light I have in at the moment?

I’ve seen where I can adjust the auto exposure and change saturation etc under postprocessvolume thanks but there is still something wrong that my sunlight doesn’t change when upping the shadow distance on my sun?

Are you using the sun and atmosphere actor (can’t remember the exact name) that is part of the ArchViz template for new levels? - I don’t think it is meant to be used for interior scenes. You can try to reduce the intensity of the sun to 10. Or just place your own lighting.

This is the unreal documentation about lighting. You probably already read this, not sure how experienced you are. It’s the best place to get started.