Blue Print vs Kismet

Blue Print vs Kismet
How write mail to administrator Unreal engine
To add in engine Kismet
I accustomed to Kismet
I could not go to Blue Print
This chinese language for me!!!
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Kismet was replaced by Blueprint in UE4.

i know I accustomed to Kismet :frowning:
I could not go to Blue Print
KISMET very easy :slight_smile: :smiley:
brain is melted on blueprin :mad:
1 operation 1000 join

Blueprint is far more flexible and powerful than Kismet. If you cannot devote the time to learning Blueprint, C++, or one of the proprietary scripting language plugins like Skookum Script, then you won’t be able to use UE4. Kismet basically became Blueprint.

You’ll have to use UDK if you want Kismet.

you did not understand me
let it be in one engine both
let it be the choice of kismet or blueprint
kama like that :smiley:
mattenie there is
let it be and kismet
problemy what ?? :smiley:


this take damage
how to do it???

**You know?
I do not know!

Help me If you know!**
(sorry for my don’t correct english) :smiley:

I Know how make in kismet!
I do not know how make in BluePrint!

help me please

Make this in BluePrint

I had similar problems to you, but really didn’t know much about Kismet either. Epic’s YouTube channel has a ton of great resources to look into and learn Blueprints. I promise, once you get into it, you’ll like it sooooo much more than Kismet and will be able to do things you could never dream of doing in Kismet. I’d start here and then look into more tutorials on YouTube…

Kismet is dead, Long live Blueprints! :slight_smile:

Kismet is never going to be in UE4.

Kismet in UE4 = Blueprints.

Learn it or stick with UDK. Nothing wrong with UDK

Yeah, not going to happen.