Blue Print/Particle/Kinect V2 skills needed to help with Interactive Art Project

Filmmaker and Artist needs help building a very simple project but beautiful art project with Unreal Engine. I want to simulate and improve this demo built with different software on a mac. Kinetic Audio Reactor on Vimeo

Using a Kinect V2 and this Kinect4Unreal plugin (
I would like to attach various particles to the human skeleton of several users that react to various movement types and spacial relationships.

General Knowledge of Unreal Engine 4
Expert Knowledge of Blue Print
Great Understanding Unreal Particle Systems
Passion to Aesthetic Beauty
Good Communication Skills

Please apply with links to Unreal work samples and a few sentences about why you think you would want to work on this.
Pay based on experience. I have a limited total budget for the project we can discuss.


I have experience with kinect 1 and 2 and additionally unreal engine.
I have made already an art installation using ue4 and kinect v2. please contact me in case you are interested for further discussion
here is the website of the group I am working with and program the application for them