Blue print for spider Wall Crawling

Hey folks,

I’m working on a game about insects and I noticed one of those handy udk 3 options is gone.
You know that one hit box you check to allow wall climbing on a material?!
So i ventured out on google and found the following video(s).
It’s a pretty comprehensive guide on how to get to wall crawling.
But it has a lot of issues.
One of the main problems would be it would only work on the inside of buildings.

Anyone willing to help me on the blueprints?
Ill post my blueprints as soon as anyone asks :wink: (Also, I’m currently moving the blueprint from the 3rd person starter content character blueprint to my own spider character blueprint)

Current known issues.

  1. Enabling wall climbing doesn’t snap to a perpendicular angle from the normal, instead youll be facing the wall from the angle you were at when you pressed e.
  2. Spider Doesn’t follow mouse rotation (Use controller rotation Yaw disabled just like in ThirdPersonCharacter) default character does follow.
  3. Enabling controller rotation Yaw lets the spider rotate on the z axis while wall climbing, which results in it falling of the wall.

Fixed known issues 2&3

Spider now follows Yaw rotation of the mouse while not wall climbing.
I achieved this by simply setting “Set controller yaw” to true when wall climbing is disabled and turning it to false when wall crawling is enabled

Hi, I did not watch the full video as my time is limited at the moment but have you considered getting the wall normal when moving and realign your character then?