Blue Print Casting - Player Controls

Is there a way to Blueprint cast a set of controls from the Flying game BP into the 3rd person BP?

So for example I’m coming up with a very early superhero game concept.

I want to dip into the aircraft BP controls for when my character is flying using BP Casting only i’m not sure how xD (Not alot out there)

Is this possible?

Many thanks

No. You have to transfer the controls of one BP to another. You don’t seem to understand what casting does. Get yourself familar with Object oriented programming and it’s techniques.

Are you trying to use the control system from the Flying Game within a 3rd person game? if you are then all you have to do is copy the flying game character blueprint and paste it into the 3rd person one. Make sure that the input commands are the same with what you are wanting if not change them. Otherwise it should be rather easy.

I have a flying creature in a game I’ve been working on that’s playable. We also have an aquatic animal the player can control. What we did is have all of our input commands from the player go into the Player Controller blueprint. There, it decides whether it wants to send the control inputs to the flying logic, swimming logic, or terrestrial logic based off what the player is controlling. It works well for us so far.