Blown Away

I decided to switch up from another engine to Unreal 4 a few months ago and I have to say WOW! I downloaded the recent version, and a bunch of the marketplace stuff. I was really surprised at the animation repose feature which is allowing me to get characters into my prototype quickly and preposition them for whatever I need. Thanks Epic for the great tools. Can’t wait to really dive into this thing and see what I can do.

It is such an amazing engine!!

Happy to see another person make the jump to UE4 from another engine. Epic has some really awesome tools here, and the best part is they keep improving it with each new update!

Welcome and congratulations on making the move … I came from Torque 3D myself … never looked back and never been happier. 8-}

Welcome in this awesome community! :slight_smile:

And the hits just keep coming!! Epic you guys are friggin awesome!:cool: