Bloom is very poor when playing with android (S7)

I have a problem with bloom. I have these objects that has a neon lights

If I play game in preview window it looks like this:

When playing with android device, almost all the blooming is gone. I think the bloom is still there, but it is very very low. No matter how much I increase the bloom. It always stays same in mobile. But for example if i draw a debug line, it has a huge bloom and it seems to work fine. I tried to create new material from start and change nothing but still it isn’t working in mobile game properly.

my settings for hight-end devices are currently these:

One other question while i’m still writing this. Is it possible to change settings in runtime with Android? It would be great for players able to change few settings. It seems nothing works. Here is example:

edit: Apparently updating to UE version 4.13 solved everything.