Blood Reimagined (Student project)

Hi everyone!

My team and I are very proud to show you our take on Blood, a PC game from the 90’s. This is a student project done at NAD school (Montreal).
We produced a short playable sequence in 7 weeks with a team of 7 students as an homage to Blood.

Blood was a First Person Shooter, for this exercise we imagined it as a twin-stick shooter centered around the use of TNT. We also completely redid the visuals with a semi-stylized art direction.
We really wanted to capture the tone of the original game, which is over-the-top, satiric and packed with horror clichés.

We also seized the opportunity to explore the destruction capabilities of Unreal 4!

Here’s a walkthrough and some screenshots :

We had so much fun making this, all feedback is welcome!

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This looks great guys - But a small word of advice. Make sure you have the rights to do this.
We’ve been working with both the original creators of Blood, Warner and Atari (Current IP owners) on bringing Blood back. Unfortunately it’s a very complicated case, which ultimately didn’t work out.
You want to avoid a cease and desist by all means.

Good luck!

, VP, 3D Realms (Co-Creators of Blood)

We’re glad you think this looks great.
This was only a student project : a short playable sequence done in 7 weeks for an assignment. We never intended it as a full game :slight_smile: We won’t release anything more than this video!
I will edit my post.