Blood of Nations (Working Title)

Letter to the Community

Hello All,

 Today I am officially marking the start of development for Blood of Nations. I am hoping to get some positive feedback as well as occasional help staying on track. I will try to update this at least 2-3 times a week if time allows. Well then lemme tell you a bit about it. Blood of Nations is a Real Time Strategy game set in its own fictional world. Players will manage their own custom Nation from its primitive roots all the way to the awe inspiring future. At the core of this game will be customization and loads of it. I want players to truly feel that their nation has a unique story forged as it marches onward to the future. I hope you will join me in this development journey and enjoy the ride.

Mike O.
Lyulf Theory Games

Key Features

  • Customizable Nations: Customize Everything from the weapons your soldiers wield, the structures you build, down to your nations flag.
  • Two Gameplay Modes: Either see who can establish the best City in Colonization or go Toe-to-Toe with your armies in Skirmish.
  • Unique Setting: This world is set in a fantasy settings which hopefully the only limit you experience will be your creativity.
  • Extensive Research Tree: Start from the Primitive Age all the way up to Futuristic Tech like Lasers and Nano-Tech.
  • For the Glory of Your Nation: The Capital is where you do most of your nation management, you can customize it and see it progress through the Ages.

Gameplay Explained

This is mostly going to be a Multiplayer game. You will progress by completing Colonization and Skirmish matches. There will be different rewards for both those game types. As you advance in Era your civilization experiences something called “Era Lock” This means all your progress for that era is saved and you will be able to play games with lower eras then your own. Example: If you are in the Industrial Age and join a Primitive Age game, it will use your Nations ‘Era Lock’ for the Primitive Age. Beware though, not all tech you can research has solid benefits, for example you may be better at hunting, but you wont do so good at farming. This allows you to Tailor a nation to Your Play Style. Another thing is when you advance in era, you have the opportunity to trade resources for basic tech you might have missed out on. This means if you did not discover “the wheel” you have the opportunity to buy it at its basic level. This means, in case of the wheel, you will have access to carts but none of the advance stuff like chariots. Some discoveries are required to unlock items on the tech tree.

Phase 1 and Possible Help Needed

Right now I am working on Phase 1 of this project which will just be getting a standard skirmish game to work, it will be set in the Primitive Age and will not feature too much. This phase is just to get a foundation done for the game.

Though I do not need it at the moment, some long term help would be appreciated in form of a programmer and 3d character artist. I can do 3d myself and I will be posting WIPs and such but I am not all that great at it. As for programming, I am using Blueprints right now.

Anyway, In closing I would like to thank you all for your interest and see you around.

Sorry for lack of update people, I been doing A LOT of writing as this will be a lore/asset heavy game. On the plus side I got a little flow chart that I may post of how you customize your nation in the beginning. Have a good day now y’all.

It won’t be any feedback until you post screenshots or videos.