Blood Moon

Blood Moon

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Blood Moon - Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never

Student Submission: No

Credits to sourced content:
Mountains from CristianoRobbicone and AbsoluteWitch
Lantern from GibsArt
Boat from MZandi

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Hello, I am Eidolon and I am a beginner unreal engine user. This is my first unreal challenge submission and my first time ever creating something like this.

It took me many days to get this to look somewhat decent as I had to learn a lot of new things like, how unreal engines lighting system works, how the day/night cycling works, how exponential height fog works, trying to get the water system to work, making a blueprint work with water physics, hopelessly trying to change the sun texture and many many more.

I also just used screen recording instead of using the Sequencer or the Movie Render Queue as I didn’t knew how to use it yet and I just wanted to get this project done, as I had already spent way too much time on this.

So ya, that’s my first experience with Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never, I learned a lot more about the engine so hopefully in the future when I do have to deal with something similar, it wont be too difficult.

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