Blood in the Dark | Creep It Real Challenge

Blood in the Dark

Youtube Link: Blood in the Dark | Creep It Real Challenge - YouTube

Student Submission: No

Credits to sourced content:
* Modular Industrial Area in Environments

4 IN 1 Modular Research Facility / Mega Bundle in Environments - UE Marketplace (

Apartment Tech Props in Environments - UE Marketplace (

The music used was an original creation from Van Hodge over at Van Hodge Productions. If you look closely, you can see his logo on the cup on the computer console!


  • UE5 5.0.3

*This was my first project that I used UE5 for. I recently graduated from college and throughout my entire time, we used UE4. I’m excited to switch over to UE5 because of all the extra features and details.


Greetings @Jacobatemyowl !

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Thank you for participating in the Creep It Real challenge!

Blood in the Dark appears as an abandoned research center where any people or lifeforms that were here as staff have either abandoned the project due to what is quarantined here, or have all been ravaged to smithereens. The specimens present themselves as ground and tenderized meat, with a dose of creepy and grotesque. As viewers, we wonder what force animated them and what was the trigger that drove them to kill?

Kudos for using an original piece to score your project and including a cameo!

Congratulations on recently graduating from college! Specifically, what did you enjoy most from UE5 that you didn’t have access to in UE4? Also, who is Jacob and why does he feast on owls? :owl: