[Blog Series][WIP] Adding 3rd Party Libs to UE Projects: NASA's SPICE Toolkit


I’ve assembled a 5 part series on integrating 3rd party libs with Unreal Engine.

In it, we integrate a toolkit from NASA that does spaceflight computations. It’s called SPICE, and it’s heavily used in real life space missions.

The first two posts are up, if anyone would like to help me spot an fix anything I’ve said about UE that’s wrong/confusing/idiotic :-D.


Adding Third-Party Libraries to Unreal Engine : NASA’s SPICE Toolkit
SPICE Part 1 - The problem
SPICE Part 2 - Possible Solutions

The parts yet-to-be-posted are:

Part 3
Building SPICE - Adding an external makefile build for SPICE, and linking that library to our project’s build.

Part 4
Using the lib - exposing SPICE to blueprints, etc.

Part 5
Using the Spice Blueprints in our game - moving planets, spacecraft, etc… Solving the toolkit’s tutorials in Blueprints. Etc.

I’ll post those over the next week or two or three.