Blocking Volumes not Blocking Player

So I’ve been trying to create some railings in my project that will block the player characters but will allow projectiles to get through so that when aiming down at lower sections of the level the player can shoot without worrying about his bullets colliding with the railings. I created a custom object type for the Player Characters because I needed to be able to differentiate between players and AI Characters for a different part of the game. The problem I’m experiencing right now is that the blocking volumes aren’t blocking anything, even when set to BlockAll by default. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong and I’ve looked at it now for almost an hour with no new leads. Any help that can be provided would be great.


Turns out I think the problem was occurring due to a broken blocking volume brush. It is working as intended now.

hey, question from years ago but issue still remains in 4.22. i noticed that there is default wall thickness of 10 in the volume. that sometimes lets flying spectator go through, i fixed this by raisin the number to 100.