Blocking Volumes (No tutorials on How you did it)

Hi there,

First of all thanks for bring us this awesome tool,

Right know im doing the blocking volumes on my level and found hard to implement them(since its just a cube), i use geometry mode in order to extrude his faces but the result is not that elegant, watching the racing example i realize that bloking volumes are made so perfectly, i try to find some tutorials or documentation on how to do this but get nothing i think this needs to have a tutorial video or something.


Hi Son1cman,

These are not to dissimilar than Geometry/BSP brushes when editing. When you place a Blocking volume in the level you can adjust any of the 4 verts by going to the geometry editing mode (Shift+5) and select the verts you’d like to move to fit your needs.

They are pretty straight forward and you can use multiple of them to get the shape you need for simple blocking.


Thanks for the replay, by doing this im having some bugs like getting blocked in the middle of my level at locations that arent my blocking volumes, im doing a bug report right now.