Blocking do you make em?

so the map is live on STEAM now but its only 40% complete…the main island is ready to build and hunt on but the ocean and the rest are no where near.

I need to block off how far OUT into the ocean you can go. How do I make those bounding volumes so no one can go out too far?

check aut theisland or smallisland.

for the blocking you use “CubeBoxCollision” and change the collision to “InvisibleWall”
for the show you use IslandCeilingBounds and IslandWallBounds with Material “Forcefield_Wall or Ceiling_Mic”

I literally took the title of your thread and put it in google. Guess what, the first result was this thread, guess again, the second result was the answer to your question :wink:

What do you mean…for the show?

I found blocking volume from Kenturracs link below and that’s it so far.

For show i mean the effect of the rainbow wall

whenever i try putting in the forcefield they have on theisland it creates a solid box for me so i spawn ontop of it

I got the box working its a hollow box so the island is in it. All works well
but now I have a new issue with this…I cannot find anyway to add the force field effect

right now I’m using a Bounding Box / Hollow there is no setting to add a force field effect to it.