Blocking Volume not blocking anything it should

Hey folks,

I’m working on a kingdom simulator and I have 2 big problems at the moment.
I have a player controller controlling a Camera(Pawn)
And I have NPC’s (Character)

Both use collision type Pawn, although the camera has been set to NoCollisions.
I created a default size landscape.
Dropped a nav-mesh on it

Added 4 blocking volumes to significantly decrease the size of the map so you can’t see the edges.
I resized the nav mesh’s borders to be slightly inside the blocking volumes.

This is where stuff goes wrong.
NPC’s have no problem obtaining a random location inside the blocking volume, the blocking volume only removes a piece of the nav-mesh where it’s planes intersect with the nav-mesh. Resulting in navigable terrain inside the blocking volume.
*NPC’s are not blocked by the small obstruction in the nav-mesh, they just walk over unnavigable terrain to reach the navigable terrain.
*NPC’s are not blocked by the Blocking Volumes, they just walk straight trough them.

The Camera(Pawn) shows similar problems.
*The Camera (pawn) is not blocked by the Blocking Volume, allowing you to leave the landscape. Which in turn makes debugging rather hard if you return to game and find nothing but a black screen.

Any ideas?

Have you set the blocking volume to the right collision? Have you tried custom collision and block everything you want to block?
Can you post some pics from your collision?

Blocking Volume is blocking pawns and of type worldstatic
Camera and NPC’s both block worldstatic

It seems there may be a fix for this, for future users: convert the actor to a NavModifierVolume (details>actor>convert actor), instead of using a blocking volume. The area class should be defaulted to “NavArea_Null”. It seems this is not the best for collision skirts surrounding the play-space, though. Those should probably be left as blocking volumes.

It seems that blocking volumes only block the player, but don’t affect navigation nor AI. The navigation will slice through the blocking volume, so if there is a cube there will be an inset area of nav mesh (inside of the cube), using a blocking volume.

Also, make sure to have “can ever affect navigation” checked.

Collision will need to be turned back on, if you want the volumes to also block the player.