Blocking Volume Editor rendering

I would like to request that blocking volumes’ rendering style be addressed when working with them in the editor. They’re extremely difficult to tell where your volumes are encompassing due to only rendering either in wireframe form or in a shaded form which isn’t dimmed or occluded by the actual level geometry that it passes through and behind. This makes working with them painfully slow.

Does anybody know of any hidden settings or techniques which can aid while this obviously takes a backseat to UE5 development? I don’t expect an answer, let alone a feature added as I understand it’s not that critical of an issue.

I did find that in the keyboard bindings of the editor preferences, you can have hotkeys to auto-create simple, complex and bounding box based blocking volumes and it actually works on groups of selected meshes, making things much more pleasant to create a collision shell for. But ultimately, the fact that you can hardly ever see them is still making the work very difficult.

I find they’re much easier to see in unlit mode. Don’t know if that helps…