Blocking Collision issue

Hi Guys,

Having a major issue with blocking collisions right now and i am going around in circles. I am not sure what I have done.

so I have a custom pawn class subclassed from ARootPawn

it has keyboard movement using AddMovementInput and mouse rotation using SetActorRotation

i created a blueprint of it and added a static mesh with spring arm and camera and a floatingpawn movement component

The ship has its own collision set on the static mesh and the static mesh on the pawn is set to Collision Preset BlockAllDynamic

In the level I have some blocking volumes which are set to InvisibleWall (i have tried various blockAll and blockAllDynamic combinations)
but when i fly my pawn into the blocking volume it just completely ignores it and i can fly right through it? (also the camera goes funny)

would the movement in c++ ignore any blocking done by its children? been googling and trying to figure this out but I cant seem to get it blocking?

any help or suggestions would be great!

kind regards

It would be a lot more simpler and quicker if you share some screenshoots from a wall settings and the pawn, components and settings (in the bp)

Sure, I have attached a few below, let me know if you need any other screenshots

here is the Pawn Collision settings and the structure - the colision settings are on the ShipMeshTarget

Here is the blocking volume ( i have left it on invisible wall because no matter what i change it too it doesnt work)

Here is the C++ movement code I am using on the pawn

Make the static mesh the root component. So drag it over the DefaultSceneRoot to replace it.
Either that or create a collision component and make it the root.

Sorry for the late reply, I haven’t actually been able to test the above yet, been bedridden and unwell, I should be able to confirm this tonight :slight_smile: looks like the obvious answer I should have tried :smiley: so thank you In advance and I’ll post back when I’ve tested it.

That looks like it was the issue, putting a collision capsule as the default sceneroot collision worked fine, completly messed up my hierarchy and scales and sizing but at least it worked, thanks for your help

Dude, you are genius. Ive been trying to fix this issue for several days already. Also big thumbs down to Epic, for this looks like epic fail to me as Root Scene Component has no collision (literally none) so it should not be even taken into consideration.