Blocked from uploading to steam (2gb limit on file?)

Linux and MacOs is cooking sitting at 1.246GB but I am getting the FMemoryWriter does not support data larger than 2GB for the path to Windows umap.

How do I get an exception for content larger than 2GB for my map, or what could cause the inflation if my map should not be this size yet?


Mine is 2.30gb and its working fine

Make sure that your preview file is less then 1mb, I had major issues with this in the start cos it gave me a similar error (exceeded 2gb limit) or something

Did you figure this out, I am very curious.

The image was over 2mb but it never stopped me before, just in-case I reduced the size below 1mb and received the same error.
Will re-login to steam in-case credentials are stale but it shouldn’t impact cooking… hmm