Block specific pawns


I have a trigger capsule that fires off a small script. I want some NPCs to avoid the trigger, other NPC’s and also the Player to be able to pass through to set off the trigger. The NPCs to avoid it are of their own class.


you can make it by class of pawn or by controller, if you want to know if this controller is AI or Player you can use this

Thanks, but how do I tell the blocking volume not ignore the class or to only block the class?

sorry for the typo. How to tell volume TO ignore the class or block ONLY the class?

just filter them out on colision

I must be retarded. I’m still not seeing the forest through the trees, sadly.

More specific about my setup, I have a Nav Volume which my NPCs run around in. Inside the Nav Volume is a trigger capsule, but it could be anything as long as I don’t visually see it, and the player and NPCs of my choosing can pass through and fire an event. At the same time, I want the Nav volume to exclude it similar to a wall or other obstruction, but only to a specific class of NPCs.

The solution was to create an object type for the class, which I had done, but it wasn’t showing up in the list of collision types. However, after restarting UE, the type was added, so all is well.