Block function from being overridden

Hi there,

I have an parent actor where I create a function to do something, when changing the “Access Specifier” in the function’s settings to private, I assumed the function can’t be overridden when I create a child actor from this parent actor.
However, when clicking the “override” option when hovering over “Functions” in my child actor, the function that I assumed wouldn’t be there, is showing up, and allows me to override it.

Does anyone know how this works exactly? Am I supposed to change a different variable somewhere? Or is this just not implemented at all?

I would need the information as well.

As far as I know it’s not possible.

Blueprints have no “virtual” function functionality; all parent’s functions can be overridden.

Obviously this can be done in C++ but anything exposed to BP will be overridable.

I see… Thank you all for your quick responses!