Block All Incoming Player Damage - Force Field

i am looking to set up a sphere collision of some sort that will block all incoming damage (bullets,kill zone, falling,) but i dont want it to collide with the world. how would i go about this? i am using the UE4 Free “Shooter Game” template.

Firstly, are you doing this with blueprint or C++ because the Shooter Game is C++
Not sure off the top of my head how the damage is handled in the Shooter Game but if it’s using an Event Recieve any damage then either temporarily disabling that or creating a collision object that blocks any traces would do the trick. Try adding a static mesh actor with a transparent material to the main Character BP, parent it to the player’s collision sphere and then set the new static mesh actor’s collision to Block All (just to get all the collision presets selected), but then switch it to Custom and then check the Ignore flag for whatever objects you want it to NOT collide with. For example World Static and World Dynamic. That way it will block overlap and trace events which should stop your player from being damaged but it won’t collide with the world so you won’t get stuck on things. That’s not likely to stop fall damage though.