Blinking turnlights and working windshield wipers?

I’m still working on the dashboard with working parts. How do I create blinking turn lights and working windshield wipers? I found out that the WhileLoop node may crash.

In the screenshot, pressing the key causes a turn light to go on and releasing the key causes a turn light to go off.

I tried to use Matinee and Timeline but I don’t know how to use them. I tried to follow tutorials on the Internet but most video tutorials don’t have closed captioning.

Never use set material on a tick. It should only be set once. I’m on break at work so I’ll go into detail later, but you will want to make a material instance of your light, then in the construction script make it a dynamic material instance. Make a scalar for the light intensity, make a scalar timeline with it going from 0 to 1 in whatever duration you want, check looping. When you hit the button again stop the loop and set the light intensity to 0.

Is this what you are looking for?

Screenshot 2015-07-28 01.28.14.png

cDub, Thank you very much for helping me with blinking lights and working windshield wipers. Can I change the color of the blinking lights to green? When I release the key, the wipers stopped right away instead of going to their parked position.

You sure can. Do you mean the lights will always be green? You just change that in your material if you want it to be constant. I guess I should have showed you the material graph too. I’ll work on the wipers when I get to my computer next. :slight_smile:

For the wipers you just want to make the timeline continue playing until the end of the timeline once the button has been pressed then just check if the button is still held when it gets to the end and start the animation again

The turn signal lever, left turn signal light, and right turn signal light have their own blueprints. Right now, the turn signal lights are controlled by pressing the “” and “]” keys. The turn signal lever is are controlled by pressing the “K” and “L” keys. How can I set up the blueprints so that pressing the “K” and “L” keys cause the lights to blink?

Following the “tutorial” at Direct Actor Communication Quick Start Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation , I was able turn the wipers on and off using the knob on the dashboard and blink the turn signal lights by moving the turn signal lever. I still don’t know how to change the color of the turn signal lights and cause the wipers to return to parked position after turning the knob to “Off” position. I think I need variables to check if the wipers are moving when I turn them off and to check if the wipers are not at parked position when I turn them off. Please help me fix the problems.