Blinking Mechanic Like in SCP Containment Breach?

I’ve been practicing UE with blueprints by remaking mechanics and rooms of already existing games. I decided to try re-creating the blinking mechanic from the actual game S.C.P Containment Breach using blueprints. I have the HUD setup and the variable for the blinking (integer) but I can’t seem to make the blinking happen and the make the HUD bar of the blinking decrease. Also if I want to make sure if I press the space bar I should be able to “blink” and the bar resets again and begins counting again.

For the blinking itself u could just use a widget with full blackness as a simpel soluction.

For the blinking values you can use float value of 100
Then use tickrate with BlingDecrease value of -10
Use a clamp form 100 to 0 to stop it from going below 0
When hitting the 0 you activate the blinkWidget.

Add a delay whatever you like for the blindess.
then chagne the blink value back to 100 and deactive the widget.

For the space bar use a input.
Simple press space bar then put the blink effect on and repeat the circel.

If you still stuck just let me know.