Blinking light without losing any performance?


I am trying to have lights inside of buildings, which when some entity goes around this light, its starts flashing, signalling it’s presence.
I need to bake the whole scene though. How do I go about this? Do I use stationary lights?
I’ve read somewhere it’s ok to set stationary on low value, bake it, and then when I increase the intensity the lightmap just gets brighter?


Yes, you should use Stationary for that, as that is the most efficient method. Also, you can use SetVisibility on lights to turn them on and off.

Hope this helps

You cannot turn Stationary lights off can you? - well you can but they still retain their baked lighting.
Once stationary lights are baked the baked light still remains even after turning the light “off”

I thought the benefit of stationary lights was that the are baked for static assets but still provide dynamic lighting on movable?

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I made coutless of tests, so hopefully this will work without loosing too much performace.
Basically made light, which is “on” during level editor. On begin play it sets the intensity to 0. This should keep the lightmap. When player interacts with the light, it sets the intensity to normal.
I’ve had problems with lights way too many times, so hopefully this will work.

Nah. Even if I bake the stationary, I still loose 50% of the performance… I don’t know anymore, I’ve been stuck on this for nearly 2 years. I get 80 FPS with baked lights, I put in one stationary - 60 FPS… 2 stationary - 40 FPS. What’s the deal? I have researched everything, I’ve tried coutless workflows, but ONE light can drop the performance by 20 FPS…

I don’t like bumping a thread, but how does everyone else light their scene? Stationary lights, when I change parameter of intensity, they drop the performance.