Blinking Light plus system to check how Actor is exposed to lights

It’s one of this small things that make your scenes look more natural and dynamic. I’m using this for like 3 or 4 years now. Want to rewrite it to Blueprints and make marketplace package. It supports only dynamic lights.


  • They are custom light components: BlinkingPointLightComponent and BlinkingSpotLightComponent. So they can be added anywhere. Supporting all features from LightComponents,
  • They are using 4 sins to calculate radius and intensity so it won’t look as they loop,
  • They are slightly moving,
  • They are optimal: your scene will look more dynamic even when changing radius by 15: which won’t have impact on your performance,


  • Why not to use light functions?
    Yes you can use light function to get “similar results” but you won’t get physical accuracy from them. Blinking lights is physically changing radius and moving around - which is looking more realistic than using light function. When you have shadows enabled shadows will “blink” as well.
  • Why not to use lights from particles?
    Yes you can but they aren’t optimal. You would need to use a lot of lights to get similar results. Blinking Light is using single light and just changing it intensity/radius/location to create blinking effect.

I have added system to check how Actor is exposed to lights:
and fake volumetric sphere: