Blinking light and material

Hallo everyone!

I’m new to this forum and new to the UE4. Please be patient with me :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if my question went to a wrong forum subject, but since I don’t have a clue how to create the thing i’m going to describe, I’m also not sure witch topid i should use to post… Again, sorry if i’m wrong.

So i’ve started with some simple scene (attachted). I think I am creating things without propper order, for example I do not know what is the advantage and how to create instances of lights and/or static meshes and more things like that… But I will get to that. For now my goal is to finish the sketh of the scene, create a whole “good looking” room.

I stuck on creating a blinking light. I’ve found some tutorials and I totally didn’t understand them :smiley: I’ve almost created a flickering light via blueprint, but i got some errors (one of them was: the floor under the light was over sharped, weird looking).
But since ive created all my lamps using lights AND emissive material, I would really love to make them both flicker in the same time.
I am sure, that this is possible but since I’m a noob in game engines (I used to work on 3ds max nad Vray, Corona etc.), I’m humbly asking for help.

I will be glad if someone could guid me trought the process…


You would want to Get and Set the Light’s Intensity to make the light flicker. To make the Emissive Material flicker, you must use a Scalar Parameter in your Material for the emissive channel, make sure you are using a material INSTANCE on your light mesh, Get the material, Cast it to a material instance, then Set Scalar Parameter Value (The Name value must match the name of the Scalar Parameter in your material).

Thank for the comment! I just totaly dont have a clur what you just said to me :slight_smile: I know there is something like instances but I do not know how to “cast” them and why should I. Can you explain what they do?
Also I don’t know nothing about GET and SET… Can you please guide me through this step by step?

Thanks for the tutorial about variables. Trying to figure out Geeziues’es comment i found some tutorials about blueprints. So please correct me if im wrong but what I need to do is to create a Class Blueprint with my lamp mesh (let’s say that just one lamp in the scene should flicker), set my mesh and Spot Light as components and them program the visibility (or can I program the intensity?) by some nods? If yes… i totally dont know what nodes I souhld use to make it randomly flicker. Also how should I match the flickering with emmisive material flickering? And how to make the emmisive material a variable?!

Please help guys…

I graciously suggest that you watch and read more tutorials about Unreal Engine 4 before you come here for questions. Many of the questions you are asking are about the basics of UE4. I too was once in your shoes, but spending some time learning is the best thing you can do right now. If you feel inspired by something you learned or something you saw, try it out, but don’t spend too much time working through the logic until you are at a point where you could begin putting together a project.

Watch Every Twitch Live Stream -

Other Tutorials -

There is also a lot of 3rd party training if you search for it.

Sorry, didn’t know this forum was for PROS only, i just thought that learning while creating a project will be much faster.
I will take a look at thouse links, thank you very much, hope it will make thing clearer.


I was in no way trying to deter beginners from using this forum. You were asking a lot of questions at once, so I thought I would provide you with what I used to get where I am today. If you google “ue4 flickering lights” there are several tutorials that pop up. To my surprise, there is even UE4 documentation about it…

Well that’s a surprise, I couldn’t find the flickering light in the documentation. Well i’ve also found few tuts about flickering but nothing about matching material flickering time with light flickering time…
Maybe thouse link will put some light over this issue, thanks again.