Blind. Game with no visuals

Hey all,

Just finished my first UE4 game. Download it here.
In Blind you explore 3D environments only using sound. The entire game is just a black screen. You explore areas like high mountain tops to desolate deserts (technically :p). If you download it let me know what you think.

Actual Screenshot

“Actual Screenshot”

The Idea is amazing. No really this could be really intresting!

I’ll see if my blind brother can play this!

I’d love for him to play it. Let me know how it goes.

A fascinating idea and a great way to keep the frame rate high :slight_smile:

Looks Great!!! :smiley:

EDIT: You actually have a brightness bar!!! I find that hilarious!!!

Glad you thought it was funny Kin

My brother was able to play it! It was still hard for him to use the keyboard. But… It worked well! :slight_smile:

I tried playing the game, but I couldn’t hear anything over the constant guitar strumming.

actually this is going to be a game called perception its not this game but the concept is the same as the iphone game dark echo and here is a link to this awesome looking horror game Perception Trailer - YouTube

That’s a cool idea :slight_smile:


I got stuck here:


Shirk the guitar strumming is your destination. You need to walk towards it in every level. Sorry if that was confusing.

94 that is awesome he was able to play it still.

m.orzelek based on your screenshot I believe you are on the 3rd level and the goal is 50 feet to your left :stuck_out_tongue: