Blind Descent


Blind Descent is a multiplayer open-world survival adventure game with up to 4 players set in the Martian underground.

Blind Descent takes you into a boundless world beneath planet Mars, where you’re assigned to find a missing pioneer team that was responsible for the scanning of a newly opened mining zone. The journey ten miles below the surface suddenly becomes a one-way trip due to an accident that happened halfway through your descent. Now you’re all alone in this harsh world with no connection to the surface; soon you realize that something is wrong with this place…

Unlike any other Martian cave, this one is full of life with oxygen and predators inside.

Regain the technological abilities you lost with the accident in the early stage of the game. Discover the fate of the Pioneer Team you were sent to rescue. Find your way back to the surface and answer the final question; How can life exist ten miles below the surface of Mars?

Among the raging underground rivers and dangerous predators, your voyage of the depths of Mars becomes more dangerous as you descend with the world becoming darker, more bizarre and exciting. To ascend back to the surface, you’ll have to go to the most distant corners of this abnormal underground world.

However, this wild voyage requires preparation. Identify the dangers of your destination before you travel. Craft your required equipments! Maybe create a light source or a climbing hook; if there are creatures, then a weapon to put them to sleep. Carefully decide which items to carry with you, as you’ll have limited inventory capacity.

Brave the unforgiving caves alone or team up with your friends!

Our survival mechanics reward you for the positive choices you make instead of just punishing you for not paying attention to your stats. Environment plays a huge role in your survival experience.

Resources are scattered in deep and challenging dungeons. Be prepared to feel the tension while collecting resources in different dungeons. Amonst the darkness there’ll be toxic gases, oxygen-free areas, and creature hordes that can kill you in many painful ways.

The world of Blind Descent is fully handcrafted and contains many beautiful places to drive the player’s curiosity and urge to explore. You’ll overcome many dangers along the way; dark caverns, toxic tunnels, and underwater worlds, to name but a few.

You only need one thing in the early stages of your journey; to fix your handheld radio. It’ll help you to contact the lost team and allow you to begin to unfold the mysteries of this abnormal subterranean world. But first, you have to ask yourself…
How deep will you go?

Blind Descent supports co-operative multiplayer for up to 4 players. Enjoy the world and the adventure with your friends with the exact same features as single-player!