Blind A.I. Follows Sound

I’m trying to understand how to control the flow of a Behavior Tree. Let’s say that I have a blind AI Pawn, I’d like it to get to the location of the last sound it heard or even follow the sound of the player character if it runs or keeps shooting. In short, what should I do to play Marco Polo with this AI?
Is there some interval setting that I should be aware of? The “Observe BB Value” setting improves the situation, but it is not yet smooth as I would imagine. Some stimuli are missed and the Wait task is not skipped.

Thank you!

  1. I would not put a decorator on a sequence, I put them on selectors
  2. I would create a service on the “investigate sound” selector that captures the player location and saves it to a blackboard key. That way, as long as the selector is set, it will update the players location.

Let me know if that works.

Thank you for your reply!
I ended up using the AI Perception system, the old system seemed to cache the results even if the player moved all over the place. Ultimately, I’m not sure what was going wrong… I now know that you can stack decorators to achieve the desired effect. I know, elementary, Watson.
This is the current version, Screenshot-2021-06-15-080144 — ImgBB. Splitting controller/pawn yaw rotation as explained here I get a decent result. I will add a turn in place animation and this part should be done.