BLIGHT - Innovative 3D Hack 'n Slash: Seeking Blueprint Experts

Hello all,

My name is Mark and I’m the project lead on a small development team currently working on a single player, hack and slash RPG by the name of Blight.

Blight is single player, hack and slash with a difference. Instead of the usual fare, you take on the role of werewolf-like character, who unsurprisingly has the addition of a variety of werewolf inspired abilities at his disposal.

You can read a lot more about the game on our website or on our IndieDB page here:

Current Main Team Structure
Mark - Project Leader / 3D Modelling / Writing / Game Designer / Level Designer
Ibrahim - Lead Artist / Concept Artist / Texture Artist
Vilko - Concept Artist
Avi - Rigging & Animation
Sergey - Animation
Sander - Sound Engineer
Nicolai - Composer

Temporary soundtrack, but here’s a quick preview of how the idle animation is coming together.

UE4 Blueprint Expert
We want to put together a small prototype demo of the game in UE4 and build upwards from it. General movement systems, basic features and some AI. We have plenty of technical documentation and even an existing prototype from Unity to assist with all of this as well.

Ideally we’re looking for someone who will develop a real interest in the project and really want to see it succeed.

We’re also working with Perforce, Trello and regular emails and Skype.

The ideal candidates will poses:

  • Experience with UE4 and Blueprints
  • Happy to work with Perforce
  • A willingness to learn and improve. Frankly that’s what these projects tend to be all about. Meeting like-minded people, building something great and getting a lot of experience to boot. Oh and because it’s fun to do as well of course!
  • A portfolio or some examples of your work. These don’t have to be too fancy, they just need to be sufficient to prove your ability. Even if you think they’re a little old and you’ve improved quite a lot. Don’t be shy!
  • Enough spare time to dedicate to the project. We’re not going to expect you to be here 24/7 but do please ensure you have enough time to dedicate to the project. 14 hours per week minimum ideally.

What Can You Expect from Us?
Good question. Firstly, dedication and commitment. We want this project to succeed and we’re prepared to put in the hours to see it succeed. If you’re like-minded individuals who is prepared to stick with a project through the long haul to completion. Get in touch.

You’ll get full credit for any of the work you do on the project and we have no problem with you putting your contributions on your portfolio website(s) either. All we ask is you credit any other members involved as well as the game when you do.

Due to budget constraints, we’re unable to offer upfront payments for work. There are many royalty based projects out there and so you’re probably wondering why you should apply to this one over the others? We’re committed to seeing the project through competition, we have solid documentation and a realistic vision of the project. We will secure funding on this project and your efforts will be rewarded.

You might, I dare say even enjoy working with us and the project itself too!

To Apply
You can apply through our website here:

Alternatively you can send email to [EMAIL=“”]

Please add the job title you’re applying for in the subject and include a link to your portfolio and or any examples. Feel free to include any other information relevant to your application or even questions if you have any.

Sent message to you :smiley:

I love Hack n’ Slash, RPGs, Werewolves and the stylized Art. I’m posting to show support. Have you looked at the Marketplace? There may Blueprint Modules that solve your needs.

Thanks for the support TechLord,

Yeah we have, we’ve had some solid applications though for this so we might not need to go down that route.

We’re still looking for another Blueprints guy.

Please be sure you’ll have enough spare time to work on the project before applying though.