Blendspace2D: Running on the spot issue

Dear Epic Games and Animators,

i think you all know this issue.

Let me explain:

I have made a Blendspace2D. Included Anims are idle,walk,run on the y-Axis called MoveSpeed.

The x-Axis stands for the Direction. All the blends between -90-90 degrees are correct.

Moreover when the character moves/strafe back the blend is bad.

Pic1 shows the anim strafe right. This is at 90°

Pic2 shows the anim run back. This happens at 180°

But now the blend between those anims is bad. (135°) It looks like the character is running on the spot.

I have thought about it a long time, but i didnt find a suitable solution for this. I also checked out the anim blendspace from kubold. He solved this by using other running anims where the character is moving sidewards with his legs:

At some blend positions the legs are crossing, the movement is ok when looking at the feets.

But in this case, the running strafe anims are too slow. I want strafe anims that looks natural and have the same speed as running forward.

Well the main problem is obviously that blending is bad between an anim where the character is moving “forward” with his legs and an anim where the character is moving backwards with his legs.

I also thought about using two blendspaces. one for forward moving and one for backward moving. But this case does not allow smooth blending in every movement direction.

I just wanna ask, if there are some masterminds out there who has a suitable solution for this.

Thanks in advance