Blendspace WalkBack issue

You can easily notice this rather odd behavior if you just grab the animation starter pack off the marketplace, open up one of the associated blend spaces like Idle-Sprint and shift click the top speed around direction 140 or so.

Here is a short representation for the lazy or too busy folks:

This is “default” behavior, nothing was changed it’s just how the blend space interpolates between the back walk and the front walk for 4.22.
it is the first time I actually notice the issue, so I wonder if this was always present or if it got introduced as one of the new features (ei: it’s a bug).

Either way:
What is the AAA method to fix this?
Separate animation states for every direction like it already has to happen to eliminate twitching in the backwards walk movement?

doing this works for removing the bug, I just can’t believe I have to go re-partition over 20 animation states because of this -_-

I looked into Sync markers. those aren’t helping either.

The issue is still present in any 2d or 3d blend-space that uses interpolation speeds - the feet fight each other between idle and not idle - even with sync targets and the custom Speed Warp node.

I finally found a viable solution to this - I suppose one can categorize it as a “git good” answer because it really doesn’t tackle the problem, it just completely circumvents it in the process of doing something entirely different.

The feet in my case are now being kept onto the floor via a custom IK system. This effectively prevents the bad behaviour from the blendspace to occur.

If you happen to stumble on this topic later on because you have a similar issue, the steps to correct it are as follows.

  1. come up with an IK system that actually puts your feet on the floor correctly- took me around a week and I’m still not done but it’s possible or you can purchase one.

  2. convert the IK system Foot Translation nodes to use Animation Curves.

  3. loose your mind creating the needed animation curves to get your feet to play nicely.

On the plus side, once this is implemented it completely solves any and all glitches because of the easing of the curve being completely customized to the animation - which, vs the notify I was utilizing prior - is a really nice upgrade.