Blendspace transition issue


I rigged and skin a character in Maya with the ART tool provided by Epic, and created to poses that I try to blend in UE4 using a blendspace.
As you can see in this small video, the swords dont’t follow the hand during the transition.

What would be the best away to avoid this kind of issue ?
I used the space switching tool of the ART plugin to attach the sword to the hand, could it be a problem ?
Thank you in advance

Would it be possible to make the joint that your sword is skinned to a child of the hand? At Epic, we usually make weapon bones children of the hand bones, and I think that would remove the error that your are seeing.

Good luck!

Thank you for your answer Ray
Yes I could do that, but I was thinking to add later an action so the character can draw the swords in the holster on his legs and free his hands. If I parent the sword bone to the hand in the skeleton, would I be able to do animation with the sword drawn, and linked to the holster ? Or would it be locked to the end ?
Thank you again for you help !

Hi. I think the best all-around solution might be to make your weapon bone a child of the hand, but not skin your sword to it. So, the sword and all other weapons would exist outside of your character. Then, you could attach your sword to the weapon bone when it’s going to be in the hands, tossed around, etc. and attach it to your hips/holster when it’s going to be carried in the holster. This attachment would be done using sockets. Documentation on how to set those up and do the snapping/attaching here: LINK.

Hope that helps!

Thanks a lot ! That’s exactly what I needed :wink: Thanks for everything