BlendSpace Not Working, Stuck in Idle Animation

I have a BlendSpace set up to move my character from an idle position to walking and then running. However, the walk and run animations do not play in game, and the character moves around stuck in the idle position. Below are picture of how I have this set up within the animations blueprint. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Hey there!

You have an isvalid node that has no input so it says it’s invalid.
Either remove it or plug “try get pawn owner” in the object :slight_smile:

Hi- thanks for pointing that out. When I try either of those things, though, I get basically the opposite problem: the character is constantly in the walking/running animation, even when there is no input and it should be idle. Any idea why that is?

Try to print the floats of direction and speed and see if they’re 0 or a value. Could you give me a screenie of the print strings?

The first two are the speed, and the second two are the direction. First without any input, and then while I’m inputting movement.

Did you ever get any help on this, As I am stuck on the exact same problem and no one seems to be able to give me answer. It seems Blenderspace 2D does not do turning on default and there is no documentation or even support to why it would not be working. I have spend 2 days trying to get it to work and honestly its pretty ■■■■ that there lack of answers on this form. Would be nice to see a lot less unanswered questions.

So does anyone have any update or ideas on why this is not working? or I am punching smoking looking for help?