Blendspace issue with Walk to Run not blending correctly 4-27

I have a default blendspace with two animations, a walk and a run. For some reason only these two animations don’t blend well. Every other walk and run animation I have works fine. Any help solving this issue is much appreciated!

WalkGif (2)

I remember seeing someone with this issue though I don’t recall what they did to fix it. I wanna say it may have been that the walk/run animations used different positioning at the start and end frames or something like that. Like the run animation was starting by bringing the left foot forward, and the walk animation was bringing the right.

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I got some help on this. The issue was two-fold. The main issue was that I missed adding sync markers in the animations. The other issue was the walk and run animations ended on opposite feet.

Thanks for the reply! That was definitely part of the problem!

Some animations are supposed to end OPPOSITE to each other to function correctly in a blendspace when the blend is at 50%.

If you are in a 1D belndspace, sure. They may need to match. (Somehow I still think you’ll be bunny hopping at 50%).

If you are in a 2D blendspace, mileage may vary.