Blendspace evaluator doesn't fire Anim Notifies

I have an Anim Sequence with an Anim Notify in a blend space.

In my character’s Anim Blueprint, I play the blend space. The notify fires as expected.

If I right-click the Blend Space Player and select “Convert to Single Frame Blendspace,” it becomes a Blendspace Evaluator node with a Normalized Time input. I connect a float variable that increments between 0 and 1 every second (using Event Blueprint Update Animation and delta time), and the blendspace animation plays as normal, but no Notifies are ever triggered.

How do I fix this? How can I get Notifies to trigger when using a Blendspace Evaluator rather than a Blendspace Player node? (Using an Anim Sequence Evaluator does fire Notifies, if “Teleport to Explicit Time” is set to False, but there’s no such option in the Blendspace Evaluator?)