"Blendspace Evaluator" does not play animation

“Blendspace Evaluator” does not play animations from provided blendpace.
I’m assuming it does not advance time automatically. But how do you provide it with time passed?

Also there is no BlendspaceEvaluatorLibrary in the code. I’m assuming it does not exist yet.

It says have to disable “Teleport to Normalized Time” to advance the animation time, but time does not advance even then. You have to provide Normalized Time. And i have no idea how to calculate it.

Evaluator sorry not verify lol

I’m new to this so i apologize if I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to do.

However, you can drag out the “play animation” function, highlight it, on the details panel on the right you can scroll and find 2 float variables, click the bottom one and change it to a pin. This will allow you to hook up on the front end with a time variable like im guessing you’re doing with the (i think) verify module?

The thing is that evaluator uses nomalized time which is from 0 to 1.

Did you ever figure out how to calculate this to make animations run at 30fps? I’ve been playing with timers and tick and it eludes me.