Blendspace animation time limit

Hey everyone,

I’m in progress developing a game for fun, just to see if I can create something and I enjoy solving problems. currently, I’m working on the player character animation and movement - I have most of the base movement going but I’ve run across something that I can’t seem to find an explanation for.

I have several 1D blend spaces set up, one in particular is to start walking. Now, the 4 direction animations vary in time from about 1.4 seconds to 1.7 seconds. Whats got me stumped is that in every direction when I enable “show debug animation” and observe the playtime of the blend space it’s always exactly 1 second.

I’ve been all over the docs, created test 1D blend spaces and hooked them to different sections of the movement code - the same result of 1 second, I hooked a play single animation to the code and that played to full time no problem, so it appears to be blend space-related.

So is there a hidden time limit on blend spaces? Or anyone has any insight as to what’s going on? Its not a deal breaker but would like for gamepad users to have some freedom on direction instead of just 0/45/90 etc.

Thanks for your time