Blendspace 1D play from start each time?

How can i tell Blendspace 1D that play animation from start each time it used?

It should play the whole animation, and blend according to the value you set in the blendspace 1D.

Let’s take a simle “idle - walk - run” cycle as an example: You create a blendspace (lets say with 4 sections) and add three animations (idle, walk, run). You name the blend space variable “speen” and define a value domain of 0 - 600. Now you define the transition points by dragging the animations to the appropriate value position, let’s say “idle” at 0, “walk” at 250 and “run” at 600.

Now, depending the speed value you define, the character (or whatever) plays the according animation at the specified values and blends accordingly if you are between two animations. You can test that by sliding up/down on the Blendspace graph.

Clearer now?


Yes, you are right.
But my problem is in my Blendspaces that i’ve created for moveing left and right when character is in cover. When i push button first time its clearly play the animation from Idle to Run, but if i release the button in the middle of run animation, next time the run animation played from middle. i need it to play and blend each time like first time.

Hi Khatar,

The easiest way to get the reset behavior you are looking for is to put the blendspace in a state machine state. Each time a state goes from zero weight to non-zero weight, it is re-initialized.

Michael Noland