Blendshapes animation import in UE: help please

Hi there!

I’m rigging a character for a videogame and I will be the one who will animate it.
I’m using maya for the animations and using blendshapes for the expressions. The basic idea is to animate everything with maya 2015 and then exporting animations in UE4.

Now: I know how to import/export skeletal meshes with blendshapes and how to import/export joint baked animations. My problem comes when I try to export the blendshape’s animation. I can’t find any tutorial or explanation so I’m asking for help. How do you import blend shapes animations in UE?

Were using UE 4.7.3 and Maya 2015.


Checked it.

Or at least I checked it in the skeletal mesh (and blendshapes are working).
When I try to import the animation there’s no import target morphs chekbox.

I think that I’m doing something wrong in exporting and importing blendshapes animations (my problem is not with blend shapes themselves, is with importing the animation).
I need someone to explain me the steps because I can’t find any tutorial on that.

Select the joint rig
Select the hierarchy
Select your head/body or basically the mesh where there is the blend shape animation

Export FBX
Be sure to check, in the dialog box, export shapes and plot the animation

Import into UE4 and apply the animation to the character, or simply re-import everything, animation included
This should work

Nope. Still not working

That’s what I did:

1- made some facial animations (using blendshapes)
2- baked the animation
3- exported joint and mesh as animation
4- opened UE
5- imported animation (using a previously imported skeletal mesh).

In the FBX Exported I checked animation, deformed models (skin and blendshapes) and smoothing groups. Activated Bake Animation once but nothing changed. Exported either in FBX 2013 and 2014.

When I imported the skeletal mesh I checked Morph Targets.
When I imported the animation I used the skeletal mesh from above as skeleton.

Still not working.

Maybe this can help, but I’m pretty sure that for my facial blend shape rig ( in my signature ) I just did what I described to you…
Also check this
But do you have at least an animation clip inside UE4? I guess nothing is moving, right?

Check the answer hub, there are a lot of questions related to the morph target workflow

Solved, thanks^^

Now you got me curious, how? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, me too!

Me too! I have the same problem. Is the name of target blendshapes the problem?

Hey Bogged, how’d you solve it?

3DMotive did a tutorial on blend shapes in Maya, ending in importing them into Unreal. Maybe that can help?