Blendshape error: Textures are gone!

Hey guys,
I’ve been using Fuse and Mixamo’s animation for a production here, but I have the following problem:
When I hit “import morph target” the animation comes with blendshapes, but then when I hit play, the textures are gone!

See screenshots.

So what’s going on? What can I try? Thanks in advanced!


Err… So I tried different things, like applying the animation directly on the skeleton, or saving and closing the scene, to no avail.

In the end I doubled-clicked the anim file, and as it went to the skeleton tree view tab thing, it compiled the shaders… Not sure why it didn’t do it before… and I supposed I also hadn’t built light…

Hi Juan,

I know it’s been a while since you posted this but could you tell me the exact process of selection you are using to get the blendshape animations in. We’ve used Alembic which throws away any Mixamo issues caused by their total lack of support but could you please tell me if you’re still working with Fuse characters and exactly the steps of selection in how you’re getting the facial animation over. It would be helpful for other artists here and in the mixamo/fuse forums as well.