Blending within a montage does not seem to work

It seems that blending only works going to/from a montage, and that the expectation is that any time you jump to/from points within a montage that the transitions are seamless in the animation…


You play attack1, you can queue your next attack between frame 10 & 20. At 20, the next attack triggers, but we allow late button presses between frame 20 & 30.

Also attack2 may be a stand-alone attack, but in this case we want to jump right to say, frame 5.

So, we can jump from attack1(20-30) to attack2(5). Since there is no interp or blend, it will pop badly. I guess a solution is to break up the motions into individual montages, but that seems to defeat the purpose of using it…

Is there any plans to add this feature in the near future, or am I misunderstanding how this all works?