Blending two values over time. How?

Hello dear Unreal Community :slight_smile:

So im an Unreal-User finally :smiley: and im pretty thrilled.
But sometimes i can’t get my head around it.

I would like to click on a Button and my Cylinder should move to a specific position.(The MouseInput is easy to make)
But how do I blend my two specific positions? Maybe with a Ease-Node, but it dont have a “Play” Input like the Timeline-Node.

Any hints on this :confused: ?
Any help appreciated


As always there’s many ways to do it, but lerping comes to mind. Use the lerp node and provide the current position of the cylinder and the target. Then using get world delta time you can pass that for the alpha and have the cylinder lerp. Be sure to attach the resulting position to AddActorRelativeLocation.

Thank you very very much, and thanks for AddActorRelativePosition :slight_smile: