Blending multiple montages on one character via blueprint?

Hi guys,

Has anyone found out how to blend multiple montages at once? For example, you might have a left arm and right arm animation in separate montages, and a running animation, and still want to use all three at once. What’s the best way? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve asked the question in more detail here: Animation blueprint - How to blend multiple montages? - UE4 AnswerHub

If you can provide a better solution or a solution for my current issue that’d be a great help!

If you check out the documentation, you’ll see a section marked “system caveats”, which notes that you CANNOT play two montages at once. If you start playing a second montage it will kill the first one’s playback immediately.

The best way would probably be to move your arm/swing animations to separate, single anim instances, and then use them to blend. You can take your “primed” sections and make them separate anims, and use notifies instead of branch points.

So, for example, you could have the prime-up play On Pressed (making sure you don’t set it to Looped, so it rests in the “primed” position), and then have a notify at the last frame. The notify event can run, in the event graph, to a gate which is opened by On Released and closed by On Pressed, which fires the actual swing.

Or, you know, however your melee system actually works, I don’t know how precisely you want to handle releasing the key before being “primed” for instance. Point is, this driving logic fires the separate anims in the normal way (bools in the anim graph) and then you do a layered blend per bone to play them back.

We are working on supporting multiple montages (see the roadmap) but this will be in different ‘slots’, rather than blending between them I believe.

Thanks for the responses.

The two animations never actually animate on the same bones - I’m just trying to animate the left arm and the right arm simultaneously depending on what the player wants to do with that arm.

The reason I opted for montages originally was because I could define “sections” as well as play them on specific slots.

Thanks for your ideas RhythmScript - however, I’m having difficulty interpreting what you meant! I’ve attempted to move to distinct AnimSequences rather than montages - this limits me to notifies rather than sections for the time being. However, although I can manage to play two at once, I have no idea how to make one play specifically upon a button click, because I cannot seem to add them to a slot, and I do not know where to blend them, as before I wired slots directly into the “Layered Blend Per Bone” node.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How to do you edit multiple slots? It seems like if I switch between the default slot and the custom one I created, nothing changes. I am confused and new to montages.

Same. Seems my second slot just overrides the first one. how do I blend multiple layers?