Blending multiple corrective blend shapes


As you know when a character raises his arms in a T pose, there is a need for a couple corrective blend shapes to fix the shoulders and deltoids.
However when the arms are rotated forward (no longer T pose, but arms raised, straight ahead), different blend shapes are necessary.

What is the most convenient way of blending these in UE4? I know I could use math in animation blueprint, but I wonder if there’s a better way.
It would be nice to set the character in different poses, for each choose blend shape value, and then have some automatic interpolation based on these templates.

Answer: use PoseDriver node in AnimBlueprint. It will allow driving morph targets based on similarity between the current pose and some stored poses presumably using the reference pose as “zero”.

If anyone knows how to rotate bones in the preview window of AnimBlueprint editor (to test the effect of the settings being entered), please tell me.

EDIT: adding a transform bone node will allow you to rotate the bone with the manipulator in the preview window of AnimBluePrint

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is there a way that you could show me in a video how to set this up? im having a hard time doing this :(.