Blending materials with different properties - tutorials?

Been searching but can’t find the info.

I’m using vertex colors to blend materials. But so far all I have is blending to textures.

Making a driving game so I want each texture to have different material properites (sticky, slick…)

Can someone point me to a good tutorial on this?

Those are physical properties. You can’t blend physics within the same material. You would have to set up 2 landscape materials and use the painting tool to blend them.

vertex paintinpaintin’t work this way, and I do not believe there is currently a way to accommodate it to do this without getting into the engine code and rewriting the vertex paint mode entirely.

For a racing game consider using the landscape tool without splines to paint the desired effect.
you can use a custom brush to “sculpt” the raceway, and then manually paint in the areas as needed.

OK, thanks MostHost LA

Just starting a new project after a long hiatus and relearning the engine. I’m doing an ‘endless runner’ that spawns tiles as you go so I don’t think terrain will work.
Was just going to use that to slow players if they got off course.

I think I want to stick with tiles and vert paint for looks. I’ll just have to add more bumps to the non-course areas. It’s off road so I don’t… Well, I guess I could do a road material and just paint the edges of the texture to look like a blend. That might actually be better in the long run as vert paint was going to make tire tracks harder without tons of polys.

Thanks for the input :wink:

You could spawn different invisible meshes with a different physical material.
It shouldn’t affect FPS much either being they don’t render.

Because the target environment is probably mobile, you would/should benchmark this with 100 invisible meshes and see if it causes any bad effects prior to implementing it properly. Since that’s likely never going to happen after you make the system properly, benchmarking it like this would give you a decent idea of what you can expect performance loss wise.

Another option may be spawning decals. You might want to do that anyway for things like oil patches maybe?

Anything that has a material can have 1 phisical material assigned to it…

Ofc, you could also properly UV and get multiple materials on the mesh, but you wouldn’t get any blending.

Interesting idea.I’ll look into it.